Handmade Albums: dedicated to children, families, and birthday anniversaries. Wedding accessories.

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What differs the handmade album?

The handmade album differs in the way that you can touch it, and then feel with your fingertips the roughness of sand on the beach, the freshness of spring clouds and gentle velvet of autumn leaves.

On a cold winter’s evening, you can turn around in a blanket, take the album, hold your hand over gentle velvet binding... and plunge into the magic world of memories. The past comes alive on the album’s pages, every detail and decoration help you to recreate the important history moments in your memory. You just swiped your fingers across the pages, and already feel the fragrance of the first bouquet presented by your husband, or the sweet smell of your first child.

The handmade album differs in volume and tactility. All decorations on its pages look lively; various textural materials are used for decor. Each page can be compared with animated tale.

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Why more than 200 clients trust me:


    I approach every handmade album individually; no copies are possible.


    During the process of designing an album each photo passes through a processing stage (contrast, light retouching, cropping and so on). Photos are printed on best photo equipment.


    When working on a project, I carefully approach the question of selecting the appropriate materials, preferring the leading international brands.


    This refers to possibility of placing memorabilia, inscriptions in the album, as well as the accuracy and integrity of the whole project.

Customer reviews

I ordered a jar titled “101 reasons why I love you”.

Lyudmila, thank you very much! Everything was very nice, fast and cheap! I will come back to you again, and more than once!))

Anastasia Chikova, Ufa

I got it!! I cannot call it just “a card” – it’s a masterpiece! Wondrous wonder, Marvelous marvel! A huge THANK YOU!

Alfiya Hadyeva Sterlitamak

I had my first master class by Lyudmila a long time ago – almost three years have been passed)) And from the very first lesson one start feeling the huge love that Lyudmila shows to everything that surrounds scrapping. Lyudmila, I want to say THANK YOU for the knowledge and skills that you generously share with your students in the classroom; for your soulfulness that prevails throughout master classes; for the secrets and subtleties that many masters never share. And for the fact that you are always proud of us, your students!

Svetlana Vasilyeva, Ufa

Lyudmila, thank you very much for the album, if I can call it just like this, actually it’s an artwork) I am delighted, I really love it, and believe my husband will appreciate it as well)) Happy New Year! All the best and fulfillment of all your wishes! Once again THANK YOU!

Diana Bolshunova, St. Petersburg

It’s really cool!!! Really!!!! I’ve already went and looked though it, noticed the strings that can be opened! SUPER!!!

Anna Pudenkova, Moscow

I would also like to express my boundless admiration to Lyudmila as a person with whom it is really pleasant to communicate and work, as a true creator, who delivers a lot of positive emotions through her works as well as through her classes by mentoring us how to enrich the lives of our loved ones and ourselves with pleasant moments! And thank you for sharing your invaluable experience with us and opening your professional secrets))) I am very impressed that in the process of work you’re trying to feel each person and their emotions and provide them with extraordinary wave of inspiration. I certainly very much admired working over the page. I am grateful to have the opportunity to learn from you!

Anya Ahmetshina, Ufa

a free calculation of your personal album
+7 (919) 145 72 90