Handmade Albums: dedicated to children, families, and birthday anniversaries. Wedding accessories.

Key to heart ...

My name is Lyudmila Kodymskaya. I am engaged in creating handmade albums. I am also the designer of several international manufacturers of scrapping materials as well as of several Russian stores and journals.

By ordering the album from me you will get:

  1. Originality of idea and design. I approach every handmade album individually and do not copy from previous works! Because behind photos of every person or family is a whole life, a whole story ... and I live it out with you working on your album.

  2. Processing of photos. If your photos are quite old, I might ask you to scan them (or scan them by myself if you are in Ufa). Photos then go through the processing stage (contrast, light retouching, cropping and so on) depending on requirements of creative plan used to implement the main idea of your handmade album. Photos are then printed only in the best photo laboratories.

  3. Quality of materials.When creating handmade albums I use only archival quality materials (containing no acid and ligninum). Typically, these materials are from leading international manufacturers. That is why they are not cheap, but this ensures the safety and permanence of your handmade album for many years.

When initially discussing your handmade album you express all wishes regarding its design and content. Then I start working on your project, taking into account as much as possible all your expresses desires.

All this turns the handmade album into the memorable gift that will emphasize the importance and individuality of bestowed person.

By contacting me you will get a unique handmade album, which will take into account your wishes and emphasize your personality and character. This will be a qualitative personal project, which will turn into true adornment of your family.