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Романтичный альбом LOVE с капелькой страсти
The truth
I remember the very first day that I saw him I found myself immediately intrigued by him It's almost like I knew this man from another life Like back then maybe I was his husband, maybe he was my wife And even the things I don't like about him are fine with me 'Cause it's not hard for me to understand him 'Cause he's so much like me And it's truly my pleasure to share his company And I know that it's God's gift to breathe the air he breathes
Романтичный альбом LOVE с капелькой страсти
Verse 1] If I wrote a book about were we stand Then the title of my book would be "Life With Superman." That's how you make me feel I count you as a privilege This love is so ideal I'm honored to be in it I know you feel the same I see it everyday in all the things you do In all the things you say
Романтичный альбом LOVE с капелькой страсти
My husband
You give to me hope You give me joy and When life trys to pull me down You don't let me give up From you I learned what real love feels like It's for you I live for You are the reason That fills each season You are my world and best friend too
Романтичный альбом LOVE с капелькой страсти
My Rock
I know sometimes it don't seem like I appreciate all that you do but I'm truly thankful that I have you. you mean more to me then you will realize. The things that you have done for me will never go unnoticed. You stepped up to make sure your daughter came home, and even with all the problems you have going on Within I still try to make time to comfort me I may not tell you thank you enough and I know sometimes I don't show you that I am thankful but I got a list of things that I appreciate
Романтичный альбом LOVE с капелькой страсти
My Avatar
I appreciate you more and more the things you have done for me let's me know how much you care so now I Know you'll always be there with open arms to keep secure, and two hands to keep me safe. I got your back and I know you got mine so stop letting psychosis get the best of you my rock
Романтичный альбом LOVE с капелькой страсти
The feelings I have for you I cannot say beautiful words that go unspoken until this day. Just be patient with me I'm almost there, looking back on it you already won the race so so be my king and I'll give you everything you need even without the ring you will always be a part of me. I am you and you are me we are one can't you see?two hearts that beat as one? two Souls that came together? two pass that crossed each other? better yet Two Worlds that crash together?I am you you are me we are one don't you think?